Here You Go!

Lay a piece of paper on the ground and place your foot (wearing a sock) on top of it. Take a pen, hold it snuggly against your foot and trace the outline all the way.

The results are more accurate if you stand on the paper and the pen is perpendicular to the page.

Draw a pair of parallel lines at the toe and heel of your foot - as shown - at the very furthest points. Measure the distance between these two lines.


Or place a piece of paper and your heel against a wall and place your foot (wearing a sock) on top of the paper and mark the tip of your longest toe.

The distance between the wall and the mark is your foot length.

You may find it helpful to measure your FOOT WIDTH, at the widest point of your foot. This is not essential for size calculations but if you know yourself to have a rather wide foot, you may want to consider taking a larger size than your length indicates.

Other FAQs


Do You Have a Particularly Wide Foot?

You can upsize a whole size extra to the number indicated.

A Very Skinny Foot?

You can downsize a whole size less than the number indicated.

For all laceless models, loafers included, try to buy a heel saver to put in your shoe: it will help you find your comfort.

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